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Chris Biscardi

The Rust Programming Language

What is Rust useful for?

  • Serverless Functions
  • CLIs, especially targeting JS
  • "systems programming"
  • WASM applications
  • Speeding up complicated parts of other languages (ruby/elixir/node/etc)

Where to start learning?

I created a set of videos that take you through Rustlings

Rust Books

More advanced/intermediate books:

Egghead planning

  • Installing Rust with Rustup
  • Your First Rust Program
  • Applying Cargo to your First Rust Program


  • Check vs Build


  • language path
  • Build CLI tools with Structopt
    • Building a csv processor
  • Working with files, directories, and paths
    • std::fs
    • mkdir -p
    • windows paths
    • Path and PathBuf
  • std::collections
  • Error handling
    • Option
    • Result
    • Error types
    • eyre! and color_eyre