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Chris Biscardi

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I teach Rust and JavaScript, often focusing on Jamstack, Serverless, and Game development. This site is built with ESModules, Toast, and MDX. The content is written in Sector.

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Build faster, safer, and more usable software with Rust.

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Command Line Interfaces
Build robust CLIs with structopt, assert_cmd, and indicatif.
No Data Races
A data race has Undefined Behavior, and is therefore impossible to perform in Safe Rust.
No Garbage Collector
With no runtime and no GC, Rust can power performance-critical services, run on embedded devices, and integrate with otherlanguages.
You can trust Rust's type system and helpful compiler messages to point you in the right direction.
A package manager and ecosystem that gives you the best of NPM and more, including testing, documentation, and benchmarks built-in.
Whether publishing to NPM or bundling with Webpack, Rust's WASM support is cutting edge.
Built by core teams and working groups that *you* can take a part in.

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Focus on your business logic by taking a path through the serverless ecosystem. Learn more...

  • Compute

    From the basics with Netlify to change data capture and responding to Cognito hooks with AWS Lambda.

  • Storage

    Take a dive into serverless-native approaches that scale forever like DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora Serverless, and PlanetScale.

  • Test in Production

    Adopt modern approaches to software development like feature flags and continuous delivery with GitHub Actions.

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Start blogging.Build a site with Toast

Toast is a Jamstack framework built in Rust that can build 10k pages in 40 seconds while retaining the developer experience of building a React site.

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