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Chris Biscardi

What is a Digital Garden?

My personal site is a digital garden, which is a word that has fairly recently been coined to describe a different standpoint on what a blog is. A Digital Garden is lowercase b blogging. It's writing without worrying about what people will think. It's writing in small, unfinished pieces and building them up to larger more edited pieces, in public. This is in contrast to big B blogging, which can be thought of as writing a 6k+ word thinkpiece or the authoritative work on topic X without shipping any smaller pieces.

Curation and interlinks over date-ordered

Fuck pagination

When you produce your whole site by hand, from HEAD to /BODY, you begin in a world of infinite possibility. You can tailor your content exactly how you like it, and organize it in any way you please. Every design decision you make represents roughly equal work because, heck, you’ve gotta do it by hand either way. Whether it’s reverse chronological entries or a tidy table of contents. You might as well do what you want.



Gardens as psychological safety nets. Notes are safer than *Blog Posts*.