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Chris Biscardi

The bundling penalty on highly custom blog posts

Joel: 13:23 I have a question. When you say that in one of things. I've seen in a lot of performance stuff you've been talking about, toast and how it had to reduced overall performance and build times, and a lot of those static site issues. 13:35 Are you saying when I deploy my static site and I have all that interactivity in a single post, I'm probably spreading that across the entire site? The entire site is punished because of that one post and then multiply that by every post where I want to be custom or bespoke with how I present or like the miniature applications that MDX allows me to insert in my writing. Is that a way to explain that?

Chris: 14:03 Yeah, that's very, very close to what I was saying. Basically, the way that sites are generated today, is that everything gets thrown through webpack at some point. There are ways around this. You can include raw script tags on every page for every blog post. Then you have to guarantee that, that third party server is never going to go away.

Why Webpack and other bundlers that are inherent in meta-frameworks today (like Gatsby, etc) make it hard to create highly custom one-off interactive blog posts, because you get punished by needing to include the code in the bundler.