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Chris Biscardi

Serverless Safari Twitter Feb 15, 2020

from https://twitter.com/chrisbiscardi/status/1228410014898933760

fear of

  • cold starts/termination lifecycle
  • vendor lock-in
  • cost control

How the pieces fit together

  • how to auth users/implement rbac
  • how to store and access data / AWS dread

> Over the past year we have move a bunch of stuff into cloud services at work. I think I am getting a bit closer to understanding how I can do it with side projects, but am kinda dreading setting up aws, so I am keeping my eye out for non aws services that can do the same

  • deployment lifecycle best practices (blue/green deploys, CI/CD, etc)

> I have absolutely no clue whether I will ever get around to utilising or if it even fits our purposes or even _what_ purposes I can use it for.