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Chris Biscardi


Stuff to cover:

  • Billing and Payments with Stripe subscriptions
  • Site analytics with useFathom
  • Observability with Honeycomb
  • Landing Pages with ConvertKit (custom signup forms)
  • Architectural Patterns: Webhooks (sending and receiving with lambdas), Change data capture with dynamodb, job queues, sending email, doing analytics

Course 1: A TODO Application

Netlify Identity, Netlify Functions, Gatsby, apollo-server-lambda, FaunaDB

  • https://egghead.io/playlists/building-a-serverless-jamstack-todo-app-with-netlify-gatsby-graphql-and-faunadb-53bb

Course 2: An Advanced TODO Application

  • Netlify Identity (custom authorizers)
  • Netlify Functions -> Serverless Framework
  • Fauna -> DynamoDB

Deploying Functions and JAMStack sites on Netlify

  • Connecting Netlify to GitHub
  • Deploy Previews
  • SPA/gatsby site/CRA kind of thing
  • JS functions
  • Golang Functions
  • How Environment variables work

Building a Collaborative Projection Markdown Editor with SlateJS

  • install Slate

Intro to CRDTs

Authenticating and Authorizing Users

  • Netlify Identity
  • Auth0
  • Cognito

Serverless Subscriptions with Stripe

  • A basic subscription
  • Prorating
  • Adding subscription plan to Auth0 metadata

Getting up to Speed with DynamoDB

  • What is DynamoDB
  • Multi Table vs Single Table Design

Optimizing Lambdas

  • Cold Starts
  • Concurrency limits
  • Memory size vs CPU