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Chris Biscardi

Work vs Home Equipment

In the ongoing conversation about "work from home" and remote work I've been thinking a lot lately about what professional equipment I have at home vs what professional equipment I get in a typical office environment. This is a comparison.


Computer: Mac Pro (Late 2013 Trashcan style)

  • 12 cores at 2.7GHz (Intel Xeon E5)
  • 64GB RAM (4x16GB DDR3 ECC)
  • 500GB internal flash storage
  • 2TB external storage

Keyboard: CODE with Cherry MX Clear keyswitches

  • (waiting on a Das 5Q)
  • Grifiti wrist pad

Mouse: Wired HandShoe

  • (Large size, because I have large hands)

Display: SEIKI 38.5" 4k

  • Also have the option of using a 1080p projector elsewhere in my apartment


  • webcam: Logitech C920 HD (1080p) (Thanks Erica!)
  • usb audio interface: Scarlett 2i2
  • mic: RODE NT2A with Desk arm and Floor mount

Desk: GeekDesk Max


  • Embody (I choose embody over aeron, etc because it works better for taller people)
  • Lovesac BigOne for soft seating and a change of pace from sit/stand.


Computer: Macbook Pro (Mid 2015)

  • 2.8GHz Intel Core i7
  • 16GB RAM DDR3
  • 1TB Flash Storage

Keyboard: Macbook Pro keyboard or generic Apple Keyboard

Mouse: trackpad or small gaming mouse

Display: Apple Thunderbolt Display(s)

A/V: Stock Macbook Pro

Desk: generic sit/stand


  • Aeron (usually too small for me)
  • Various open-office soft seating


I've invested far more in my home office equipment than the typical company is prepared to. Everything listed as my home equipment is a few years old at this point. One of the biggest differences between Home and Work for me is the amount of processing power I have available to me. My work laptop often struggles with large VMs causing me to have to close Chrome tabs and other applications to get work done while my home computer can run large applications like Photoshop, Ableton, and VMs in parallel while keeping an almost infinite amount of Chrome tabs available.

This list excludes environment and other "work from home" benefits intentionally to focus more on topics like ergonomics and hard processing power.