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Chris Biscardi

Removing drafts from gatsby-theme-blog

To indicate that one of our MDX files is a draft, we’ll include an extra front matter field called status.

status: draft
title: My awesome blog!
Some content for my blog

This field will appear in the front matter in the Mdx nodes in the Gatsby GraphQL node system.

allMdx {
nodes {
frontmatter {

Perhaps more interestingly, if we delete the Mdx node that delete will cascade through the node chain and delete any nodes that have a child relationship with the node we delete!

This is great in some cases, for example if we had MarkdownRemark and Mdx versions of our blog post and wanted neither to stick around after deleting a File node. In other cases, it’s good to keep this in mind though.

Delete Mdx.parent or Mdx if no parent