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Chris Biscardi

Drawing a Blank

I went to college to play volleyball and studied for an art degree while I was there. I taught myself how to program using actionscript 3 and did some WordPress too. Once I flipped from AS3 to JavaScript and got involved in node around v0.2 I went full force into building products for people. This isn't a story about that, but it's enough context for you to understand that I basically dropped art soon after that, choosing to pump all my time into engineering and product skills so I could make some money.

But now I'm in a great place. I know a metric fuckton more than I did then about building products, writing code, design, and building teams. I'm an expert in a set of modern tech like GraphQL, building PWAs with Gatsby (and it's internals), the AST gymnastics MDX does, and I've got deep enough knowledge in "T" directions like design and infra to work with terraform, understand what tech like Cilium is doing, and build UI designs off the back of user research.

...So it's time to make some time for art again.

...But I'm not sure how to start.

...So I bought Procreate.

I'm probably more comfortable with technology today than I was with charcoal (one of my top mediums to work with along with spray paint) so figured this could be a gateway back in. I used to be proficient in Adobe products like Photoshop so understand a lot of the vocab I'll have to deal with (masks, layers, etc). I'll probably start with something I wasn't particularly good with or never did. Like comics. Or drawing Twitter images for my opengraph tags on my blog posts.

My only real goal is to keep doing...