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Chris Biscardi

How to Livestream Code and Design on Twitch

Live videos

  1. Introduction to Livestreaming
  2. Starting a Twitch Account to Livestream
  3. Introduction to OBS and creating your first scene
  4. Going live on Twitch for the first time and testing bandwidth
  5. What gear do I need to livestream?
  6. What if nobody comes to watch my livestream?
  7. What is a Streamdeck?
  8. Creating Panel Banners on Twitch
  9. WTF is Streamlabs?

TBD videos

  • Getting Twitch account

  • downloading OBS

  • OBS: Scenes and Sources

    • Setting up
  • using stream vs test keys

  • Getting pre-built scenes from a place

  • Building your own scenes

    • Scenes to build (BRB, Starting Soon, Secrets)
    • Widgets: Chat, Last Follower,
  • Twitch Chat Bots

  • Streamlabs Cloudbot

    • Simple Commands
    • Running Polls
  • Streamlabs Chatbot (locally run)

  • StreamDeck

    • Streamdeck App vs Streamdeck hardware
    • Transitioning between scenes
    • Muting your Mic
    • Marking locations on twitch stream

Streaming with two computers (PC+Capture Card)

  • Hardware Required
    • How to pick a capture card
    • Using Capture card as OBS Source
    • How to route audio

Camera Setup

  • C920
  • lighting
  • backlight

Audio Setup

  • On C920
  • On Powerbeats Pro
  • On SM7B with hardware setup


  • How to get it so that all you have to do is click "Go Live"