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Chris Biscardi

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  • fretting about clients, exercising, website, etc
  • looking for guidance on how to spend time; how much should be paid work


  • 9am-12am day, 6h paid time. Too much time spent communicating (emails, calls, skype, etc)
  • Managing a contractor is time-intensive
  • wary of employing people too early
  • "bill for more": meetings, maintenance, etc.
  • lots of task-switching/context switching on 2-10min tasks. Feels like a loss.
  • some are using time-tracking with small granularity (start when open an email, stop when closing)
  • "I picked the wrong career" -> doesn't like sitting in chair all day.
  • on-site days are longer
  • laptop so hot person was worried it was going to overheat
  • been in one spot for 6 hours, then feels like they can't look at screen another minute
  • infrequent work, short notice, short deadline. "work until it's finished"
  • "seed planting is valuable, but how much time should I spend on things?"
  • "goes crazy" without a change of scenery
  • doesn't know how to bill higher rates ($60-90/h)
  • "chores" are last on the totem pole because clients might not wait
  • not sure how many hours is appropriate for any given thing
  • trouble managing small amounts of work (5 min here, 10 there) and figuring out how to bill for it. Ended up batching.
  • doing coaching/consulting *for free*. doesn't want to charge for being a resource
  • "not nearly enough" -> can't find clients?

ebombs section

  • What should I bill for as a freelancer?
  • Should freelancers bill for X
    • phone calls
    • making proposals
    • responding to emails
    • commuting
  • How to reduce hours worked without reducing income?
  • Implementing support retainer contracts for freelancers
  • Is time tracking worth it as a freelancer?
  • Should freelancers track time?
  • How to avoid time tracking
  • Avoiding low-quality clients by avoiding time tracking
  • Time tracking: the more granular the worse off you are
  • Should clients get their own issue tracker?
  • Why JIRA sucks for freelancers and what to use instead
  • Exercise routines for desk bound freelancers
  • Opening up your hips after sitting all day