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Chris Biscardi

30x500 Safari 1

30x500 Safari 1

  • OP has (had?) a client
  • has.
  • had to follow up for confirmation on new price
  • NO CONTRACT (nooooooo)
  • Slow responses from Client + client acting busy
  • OP not sure how to proceed


  • "Stop, stop, stop". Get a contract. Set response time limits in contract. Other clients are better
  • "look for new clients", value your time
  • "Use a phone rather than email" -> "If problems persist call your doctor"
  • "Drop the client"
  • "Always have a contract" + why to have a contract. "If no more response, just stop and walk away"
  • "Always have a contract". Even for non-profits, friends, and family. Walk away now.
  • "Get payment up front"