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Choosing an Audience

For the purposes of this class, you must serve professional audiences that you already belong to

Tech Workers, specifically those with expertise or whose job requires gaining and proving expertise.

Funnily, there's a segment in the course on all of the things you need to not do to set up your blog, which is a bunch of the stuff that Sector solves off the bat.

In this guide, you're going to narrow your choices for blogging platform, plugins and themes, email list software, and a domain for everything to live on. Each of these components is valuable and necessary, but not worth spending more time than absolutely necessary to get to the next step.

That's why we strongly recommend using Wordpress

They then list a few of their "favorite plugins". This list includes:

  • analytics
  • social sharing
  • related posts
  • compose-with-markdown
  • post snippets
  • share a draft

Which is basically the package Sector offers. hah.

Their next suggestion is for email. I have what might be termed a "personal blog" and a "personal newsletter", so they suggest a separate blog and a separate newsletter. Whelp, hope I can keep up with the content. Shadow newsletters ftw. Here's comes convertkit account #2

Because Sector is it's own thing, I'll probably create a new Sector workspace


  • "Why is this on the internet?"