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Chris Biscardi

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  • thinking about a new side project vs writing the code

so much thinking and not enough coding

Not a single line written and I've had it on the top of my list for months now

I end up making trello boards, lists, and what not.

Come time to open the IDE/editor, and BAM, it's procrastination time!

Which continues for months.

And then I realise after two years "man that was a great idea.. why didn't I do it? Hmm. Let's flesh it out this weekend"

also me (20 mins later): fuck, bootstrap does not even work the way I wanted it to be.....

I get hyped about an idea, start working, got another ideas; switch to that.

I read it somewhere that telling someone about an idea BEFORE actually finishing it causes your brain to identify that project as finished.

So I stopped talking about them, even to my wife, and so far it works like a charm.

I built a payments platform that's now processed more than $1.3M

My issue isn’t a lack of technical knowledge, I just feel like I don’t have the ideas.

I don’t really have that many ideas

I'm more of a backend guy myself and want to move to full stack.

that's the biggest bottleneck, actually finding an idea

Bootstrap, don't think I have the CSS skill to build that one myself

what if a bunch of your customers file chargebacks, your Stripe gets suspended, then what?

Thanks! I don't use any front end frameworks or things like Ajax. Personally I find I can just build out interfaces quicker and itereate with greater speed.

But there are some cons and limitations I've hit a few times. For example more complex forms with dynamic fields that appear/disappear based on previous fields was harder to implement. And my workaround was just sprinkline some JS with event listners.

Who built your marketing and engagement funnels? I am solo like you and struggle a LOT to take care of EVERYTHING manually.

Who can relate

My side project that will never in my wildest dreams replace my salary, but is 100x more fun to work on.

figured out that i didnt need Zapier to auto tag someone from a form in ConvertKit - you can create a new field that adds a tag, and i can just add it hidden. might not be new to others but :man_shrugging: just made things easier for me :joy: