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Chris Biscardi

30x500 Adventure Club


  • Prioritize future over present
  • What is my "Fuck this" moment?
  • Some audiences don't buy
  • "Content Marketing"
    • AKA building things to help people
  • Do the Work
  • Where are you going to be in 5 years?
    • Chris: similar to athletics. Show up every day and in N time you get the total.
    • small wins add up
    • stack bricks

How to win

  • Why stuff that has worked, worked.
  • Don't skimp.
  • Do the exercises
  • magic of tidying up (stacking the bricks podcast episode)
  • "I'm not where other people are is paralyzing"

The Failcycle

Failure looks like success, right up until it bites you in the ass

It's not a product until there's someone to buy it

Flip the question:

I made a product... now how do I make it sell


How do I make a product I know will sell

  • Sell on value

  • money or pain

  • Audience: What do they need, want and buy?

How to choose an Audience?

  • audience must hang out online (or an easily accessible place)

  • audience must buy on value

  • must already belong to (or serve) said audience

  • ex: Artists don't buy anything other than paint

Audience types:

  • Existing/peer: "We're pretty much on the same level, fill me in on this specific thing"
  • Aspiring: "I want to be like you! How?"
  • Hiring: "I'd like to hire you to do this for me, but I can't"

on expertise:

There's people behind you and people ahead of you and that's it

Chris sidenote: "Reducing your Gatsby build time" ebook. Unrelated to 30x500.