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Getting Started With Snap (and User Authentication): Part 3

In this post we will be replacing the JSON file (for user authentication) with a Postgres database.

Git Diff and Repo part 1 part 2

In abc.cabal add snaplet-postgresql-simple to Build-depends:

bytestring >= 0.9.1 && = 0.12 && = 0.2.1 && = 2 && = 0.11 && = 0.9 && = 0.9 && = 0.9 && = 0.11 && = 1.1 && = 0.1,
snaplet-postgresql-simple == 0.4.1```
Then, In `src/Site.hs` we’re going to add the following imports:
import Snap.Snaplet.PostgresqlSimple
import Snap.Snaplet.Auth.Backends.PostgresqlSimple

add this line to initialize the database in our Application Initialization code below session and about auth:


and replace this line:

initJsonFileAuthManager defAuthSettings sess "users.json"

with this line, which does the dirty work of using Postgres instead of a JSON file.

initPostgresAuth sess d

We’ll also add the initialized database snaplet to our returned App:

return $ App h s d a

We’re almost done, but first we’ll need to add _db to our App definition in src/Application.hs:

data App = App
{ _heist :: Snaplet (Heist App)
, _sess :: Snaplet SessionManager
, _db :: Snaplet Postgres
, _auth :: Snaplet (AuthManager App)

and don’t forget the import for postgres in the same file.

import Snap.Snaplet.PostgresqlSimple

We are now using Postgres as a database for our authentication! cabal install and run abc to make sure it works. You may need to run the following in psql:


also of note is that the git repo has bumped the version of abc to 0.2

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