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Installing Montage: A Riak sibling resolution library written in Haskell, on OSX

Here is a description of how I installed Montage ( with GHC 7.6.1

First clone these repos (the relevant commit I used is listed below each clone command)

mkdir montage_deps
cd montage_deps
git clone git clone
cd StatsWeb
git checkout d65376e37b315897226e37946faa35e1b1a328f5
cabal install
cd ..
git clone
cd riak-haskell-client
git checkout 1a773db41681c895021206a742f889a20daf5875
cd protobuf && cabal install
cd .. && cabal install
cd ..
git clone
cd pool
git checkout b72a259dc375cce4a8208eedc58d8252b3c44201
cd ..

Next I installed some C dependencies using homebrew (

brew install libev redo libsodium

Grab the nitro C code from I used v0.2.0

cd folder_with_nitro_code
sudo redo install

We are now ready to install Montage

cd montage_deps
git clone
cd montage
git checkout 8ac5d81328b29ddf547673f158a1185b40ceec85
cabal install