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Chris Biscardi

Riak Core: Quickstart

First Retrieve the Rebar Templates and put them in ~/.rebar/templates

git clone git://github.com/rzezeski/rebar_riak_core.git
mkdir ~/.rebar /templates
cp rebar_riak_core/* ~/.rebar /templates

You’ll also need Rebar and Erlang. I used homebrew to get them:

[bash] brew install erlang rebar [/bash]

Now that you’re set up, you can create a new multinode app from the templates. Replace myapp with whatever you want to call your new app in the following command:

cd ~/where/I/want/my/app

rebar create template=riak_core_multinode appid=myapp nodeid=myapp

You can now make and run the code.

make rel
./rel/myapp/bin/myapp console

If all goes well you should be sitting in a console for your app. Run [erlang] myapp:ping(). [/erlang] to ping a random vnode.

  • try try try Post that goes into more detail about the process.
  • Ping A Future Post detailing the myapp:ping(). method.