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Chris Biscardi

Riak Core: Up and Running

Some of the current Riak Core resources available are:

  • try try try: A blog written by Ryan Zezeski. It includes a few posts on Riak Core and one on Riak Search.
  • Rebar Templates These are some rebar templates for Riak Core. rzezeski’s branch is used in the blogs above and some of the others add examples for coverage.
  • Basho Basho has an introductory post that includes some talks, slides and links.
  • Riak Pipe Bryan Fink’s talk from Ricon 2012
  • Yokozuna Ryan Zezeski’s talk about integration between Riak Core and Solr
  • Introducing Riak Core Another Basho post with some useful information on the files included in Riak Core