Formatting Markdown and Codeblocks With Prettier and Hugo

November 8, 2017
prettier hugo

hugo is a fantastic static site generator. prettier is a fantastic auto-formatter with support for markdown and the codeblocks inside markdown. To get the two to work together, we’ll need to install some node dependencies. (alternatively, you could build a container with these dependencies and run it with a volume as a pre-commit hook)

cd my-hugo-site
yarn init
yarn add husky lint-staged prettier

Then add the following scripts and lint-staged keys to your package.json.

  "scripts": {
    "precommit": "lint-staged"
  "lint-staged": {
    "*.md": ["prettier --parser markdown --write", "git add"]

That’s it. Add a new markdown file and watch it be formatted!

After implementing this in a precommit hook and in my editor I no longer have to worry about any formatting issues when I’m writing, which is fantastic!

Now I see this when committing new posts:

➜ git commit -m 'formatting markdown in hugo'
husky > npm run -s precommit (node v8.2.1)

 ✔ Running tasks for *.md
[hugo 046c937] formatting markdown in hugo
 1 file changed, 35 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 content/post/