• move DNS to Google Cloud DNS instead of google domains dns
    • make sure gmail, etc DNS is ported over

wildcard certificates can only be generated through a DNS-01 challenge.

traefik DNS provider: gcloud can automate the DNS verification.


Every lego environment variable can be overridden by their respective _FILE counterpart, which should have a filepath to a file that contains the secret as its value. For example, CF_API_EMAIL_FILE=/run/secrets/traefik_cf-api-email could be used to provide a Cloudflare API email address as a Docker secret named traefik_cf-api-email.

wildcard has to be main domain; each domain and SAN results in a cert request.

main = "*.local3.com"
sans = ["local3.com", "test1.test1.local3.com"]
provider = "gcloud"
delayBeforeCheck = 0
caServer = "https://acme-staging-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory"